Mid-Valley Behavioral Care Network (BCN) is an intergovernmental organization that manages the mental health and alcohol & drug benefits for Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members in Marion and Polk Counties.

BCN is funded through a contract with Willamette Valley Community Health (WVCH), the local Coordinated Care Organization (CCO).

Our Vision:

Communities that actively promote recovery and overall health for children, adults, and families.

Our Mission:

To improve the lives of Willamette Valley Community Health members through investments in community resources and access to high quality, integrated mental health and addictions services.

Our Goals:


Health Promotion




Operational Excellence

Ensure timely access to treatment and recovery services

Increase capacity of families and communities to promote mental health and prevent mental illnesses and addictions

Integrate behavioral health with other health care and social support services

Promote meaningful, culturally competent engagement with consumers and their families

Ensure network excellence through effective oversight, training, and continuous quality improvement activities

Facilitate operational excellence through data informed decision, financial stewardship, and process improvement