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Trauma-Informed Care
In 2001 MVBCN began to explore ways to improve what we offered to trauma survivors who frequently used crisis or hospital services. We launched a year-long discussion among consumers, providers, and program managers which created a regional vision of a trauma-informed system. Major efforts at systems change included:
Creation of a targeted survey to gather feedback from trauma survivors about their quality of life and the helpfulness of current mental health services. The Fall 2005 survey results were compared to baseline data collected in September 2003. In 2007 we began integrating questions about trauma into our network-wide annual consumer survey. For self-reported trauma history and feedback on trauma-sensitive care, download the latest consumer survey results HERE (PDF).
Development of a consumer-centered crisis plan, which was revised in 2009 to incorporate additional focus on recovery and self-direction in times of crisis. Since implementation, we have seen a marked decrease in crisis and hospital episodes for consumers with plans, and anecdotal evidence that the process has proved empowering.
Funding of a Peer-to-Peer mentoring program, contracted through Project ABLE which is a consumer-driven private non-profit organization. Click HERE for information.
Extensive provider training on trauma and trauma informed care.
Addition of trauma screening as a required element of assessment at each point of entry into services.
A structure for dialogues between agency staff and trauma survivors that identify areas for agency-specific improvement.
A regional policy (PDF) on trauma sensitive care.
A web page listing resources for our agencies to use in orienting new staff.
Oversight of the project is the responsibility of an committee which includes significant consumer representation along with clinicians and program managers.

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