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Collaborative Assessment & Management of Suicidality Collaborative Assessment & Management of Suicidality

CAMS helps providers move away from ‘controlling’ suicide risk by offering tools to engage the individual to better understand these thoughts and feelings and to address key stressors. BCN has committed to implementing this evidence-based practice across our continuum of care. This is consistent with the recommendations of the National Action Alliance Clinical Care and Intervention Task Force: Suicide Care in Systems Framework. Click HERE to request the article.
Resources for providers are available below.
CAMS FAMILIARIZATION TOOLS – We offer a variety of options for clinicians new to CAMS to become familiar with the model.
1. Read the book: Managing Suicidal Risk: A Collaborative Approach. David A. Jobes, Guilford Press. Click HERE to go to the publisher's webpage for the book.
2. Read published article: The Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality: An Evolving Evidence-Based Clinical Approach to Suicidal Risk (2012). Click HERE to request the article.
3. Watch a video of conference presentation by Dr. Jobes (about 25 minutes). Click HERE to go to the YouTube webpage with the video.
4. Purchase the e-learning materials (available Sept. 2014): The Empathos eLearning is a 3-hour asynchronous online course in CAMS. It will be highly interactive and include video demonstration of in-session interaction between clinician (Dr. Jobes) and suicidal patient, tracking the patient as both move through the CAMS 12-week framework, including how the clinician can best interact with patient while keeping him/her out of the hospital. The course will include in-depth assessment and treatment visuals, video, audio and interactivity, along with knowledge testing of learner paced throughout the course. Cost is $119 per learner license, and note that this is a lifetime license, meaning that the learner can return to the course in perpetuity to sharpen their skills, review videos and take advantage of other course assets etc. The course itself will be “housed” within a robust LMS (learning management system) that offers learners a social environment in which they can chat, share best practices, questions, and more. Ease of use is great and user interface is friction-free and very friendly.
CAMS resources are available to BCN providers upon request to Kathy Savicki. Click HERE to email Kathy.

Last update on August 18, 2016

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