At Behavioral Care Network, we collaborate with numerous community partners to achieve our mission through a number of standing committees.

All of our committees focus on BCN’s organizational goals:

  • Ensure timely access to treatment and recovery services.
  • Increase capacity of families and communities to promote mental health and prevent mental illness and addictions
  • Integrate behavioral health with other health care and social support services
  • Promote meaningful, culturally competent engagement with consumers and their families
  • Ensure network excellence through effective oversight, training, and continuous quality improvement activities
  • Facilitate operational excellence through data-informed decisions, financial stewardship, and process improvement

Clinical Quality


  • Develop and monitor quality improvement plan
  • Monitor access and utilization
  • Monitor CCO metrics
  • Identify training needs
  • Identify clinical improvement and integration ops
  • Identify population health strategies to improve health


  • Integration
  • Access
  • Metrics
  • Utilization
  • Innovative Practices

Consumer Advocate Team


  • Plan events and training
  • Identify issues that reduce access or are barriers to health
  • Identify innovative practices
  • Promote consumer engagement
  • Identify opportunities to expand peer support
  • Exchange information


  • Access
  • Peer Services
  • Barriers
  • Innovative Practices

To learn more, contact Executive Assistant, Andrea Dabler at 503-585-4935.