At Mid-Valley Behavioral Care Network, we make it a priority to be respectful, non-judgmental and accepting of every individual we serve.  It is our goal to connect Oregon Health Plan (OHP) patients with personalized care and services to create safer, happier, healthier, and more productive lives.


Executive Director* 
Justin Hopkins | 503-585-4991

Executive Assistant
Andrea Dabler | 503-585-4935

Finance & Operations

Finance & Operations Director
Darlene Krenitz | 503-576-4696

Accounting Clerk
Elizabeth Robles503-576-4693

Contracts & Compliance Analyst
Cheryl Henning | 503-566-2938

Decision Support Data Analyst
Logan Dela503-576-4691

Department Specialist 2

Clinical Care Coordination

General Access

Behavioral Health Access Coordinator
Rachel Rohrs | 503-576-4695

Behavioral Health Access Coordinator
Teresa Warnock | 503-566-2944

Behavioral Health Care Coordinator
Jennie Kendeigh503-584-4875

Behavioral Health Care Coordinator
Summer Hunker | 503-361-2667

Behavioral Health Care Coordinator

Department Specialist 2
Stacia Henry |  503-566-2915

Quality & Network

Quality & Network Director
Rob McAdam503-566-2919

Peer Network Program Coordinator
Clay Peterson | 503-585-4992

Provider Relations Coordinator
Martha Arevalo | 503-566-2916

Quality Improvement Coordinator
Lisa Parks | 503-576-4538